Обезбедени се средства за проширување на патната делница Крива Паланка – Деве Баир

30th August 2018, Skopje - Government, in cooperation with the Public Enterprise for State Roads, will implement the Kriva Palanka - Bulgarian Border Road Project.


Се обезбедуваат евтини кредити за стопанството, договорот за заем од ЕИБ влезе на Собрание

30th August 2018, Skopje - Starting this autumn, companies can apply for using EUR 100 million worth loans under favourable terms and conditions, provided by the European Investment Bank (EIB). Draft Law on Guarantee by the Republic of Macedonia as regards the obligations arising from this Financing Agreement is in parliamentary procedure. Once the Law is adopted, Guarantee Agreement and Financing Agreement will be signed, and the companies can apply for loans under favourable terms and conditions at the commercial banks.

градинка во велешко

24th August 2018, Skopje - Minister of Finance Tevdovski together with the Minister Carovska  and the Mayor of Veles, Ace Kocevski opened the first kindergarten in the village Karaslari near Veles today. "Piniko" facility comprises 40 children, whereby budget funds in the amount of around Denar 850 thousand were allocated for its equipping and furnishing.


Средба Тевдовски - Толксдорф: Соработката со Германија се зголемува

21st August 2018, Skopje - Minister of Finance Dragan Tevdovski met a delegation from the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy of Federal Republic of Germany headed by Helge Tolksdorf, Head of Division for EU Enlargement, Southeast Europe and Turkey.

MoF: EUR 6.5 million for the municipalities for construction of infrastructure and kindergartens

13th August 2018, Skopje - Municipalities can apply with capital projects for EUR 6.5 million through the Municipal Services Improvement Project - MSIP. Municipal authorities should prepare draft projects so as to apply at the public call, which is to be announced by the Ministry of Finance in September.

Elezi: Costs citizens pay for instant loans are to be limited

8th August 2018, Skopje - High costs for instant loans are going to be reduced. Pursuant to the legal amendments, prepared by the Ministry of Finance, total annual costs for consumer loans are limited to 55% of the loan amount. Annual costs were not limited previously, reaching even up to 500% of the loan amount. The amendments also cover small-value loans below EUR 200, which were not previously covered by law.

Parliament adopted amendments to the Law on Customs aimed at loosening the penal policy

30th July 2018, Skopje - Harmonization with the EU Acquis, faster flow of goods and loosening the penal policy are envisaged in the modifications and amendments to the Law on Customs, which the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia adopted today.

Parliament adopted the reallocation of budget funds for the referendum

30th July 2018, Skopje - The Parliament adopted the Decision of Reallocation of Funds among Budget Users, thus providing funds for holding the national referendum in 2018.

New European-like Law on Excises offers many benefits for both the citizens and the business sector

30th July 2018, Skopje - Ministry of Finance proposes new Law on Excises, harmonized with the EU Directives. Many benefits are envisaged therein, such as lower excise duties for small alcohol-producing businesses. Under the new Law on Excises, small distilleries will pay 50% of the excise duty per litre of alcohol, while farmers - small alcohol-producing businesses will be charged 8.5% of the excise duty per litre of alcohol.  As regards the large alcohol-producing businesses, the excise duty remains the same.

MoF: Improved living conditions in the municipalities under 72 capital projects

29th July 2018, Skopje - Kindergartens, public facilities, water supply network, local roads - are all part of the capital investments realized last year through the Municipal Services Improvement Project, implemented by the Ministry of Finance. As per the data from the Project Implementation Unit within the Ministry of Finance, 72 capital projects were realized in 41 municipalities within this Project alone in the period from June 2017 to June 2018.