Ангеловска-МекДауел: ЕИБ ќе финансира околу 80 милиони евра за изградба на Пречистителна станица Скопје

18th October 2019, Washington - European Investment Bank (EIB) will invest around EUR 80 million in financing Skopje Wastewater Treatment Plant. Around EUR 10 million of these funds will be grant funds from EIB. Under this Project, wastewater treatment plant will be built and put into operation, which will serve more than 650,000 citizens from the City of Skopje.

Angelovska: Financial institutions to get ready for the Digital Age

3 October 2019, Skopje - Financial institutions must follow the inevitable changes. Even today we are already talking about fintech and insuretech, about the application of digital technology in both financial and insurance services. Enabled by new technologies and innovations in the next decade, you may operate in a financial landscape that bears little resemblance to today. A more assertive, values-driven and powerful consumer base, future technological disruptions and innovations, new ways of working and continued influence of the regulatory regime may define a financial ecosystem much different to the one we see today. To harness the opportunities associated with these changes, you will need to leverage your significant public trust, engage with operational and strategic challenges and articulate a clear and compelling vision for your role in the financial system, Minister of Finance, Nina Angelovska, said at the 7th Erste Investors’ Breakfast, attended by bankers and investors, held in Skopje.

Angelovska-Koen meeting: The dynamics of CPF implementation is excellent

September 27, 2019, New York – Priorities of key importance for improving the life of the citizens are traditionally in the focus of the cooperation between the Republic of North Macedonia and the World Bank. Finance Minister Nina Angelovska and WB Executive Director of the Constituency, our country being a member of, Koen Davidse held their first official meeting in New York. During the meeting, they discussed about the Country Partnership Framework for the Republic of North Macedonia 2019-2023 (CPF), pointing out the excellent dynamics of its realization.

From Local Agent for Changes to Global Leader - Angelovska promoted as a woman-ambassador for digital trade by UNCTAD

25th September 2019, New York - Within the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska was selected as one of the first women- ambassadors for digital trade in the world, last night in New York. This exclusive and unique recognition was awarded by Mukica Kutui, General Secretary of UNCTAD - UN body dealing with trade, investments and development issues. In addition to Angelovska, another six women-ambassadors worldwide have been awarded this title by UNCTAD.


20th September 2019, Skopje - Implementing reforms in the fields of managerial accountability, strategic and financial planning, financial inspection and quality of the internal control system in the public sector are a significant challenge. Our country intensively implements the reforms in these areas, aimed at improving the public financial management and control systems as regards public funds - Deputy Minister of Finance Shiret Elezi said at closing the Fifth Regional Conference for Public Internal Financial Control. During the conference, experience was exchanged as regards the managerial accountability, which will provide for achieving the goals in the public sector and increasing the confidence of citizens in the public sector.

Angelovska will be selected as Woman - Ambassador for Digital Trade at the UN Annual Assembly

22nd September 2019, Skopje - Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska is one of the seven “super” women digital entrepreneurs in the world, - Woman - Ambassador for Digital Trade by the United Nations (UN). Within the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, being held in the period 23rd - 28th September in New York, Angelovska will be selected as one of the first women - ambassadors for digital trade. It is a matter of exclusive and unique recognition, awarded by the UN body dealing with trade, investments and development issues UNCTAD (UN Conference on Trade and Development), as part of the UNCTAD-led eTrade for all initiative.

Agreement for Construction of Electronic Tolling System along Corridor VIII was signed today

20th September 2019, Skopje - Faster transport, easier flow of vehicles without traffic jam and electronic tolling system throughout the country will be provided under the Project for Construction and Installation of the Electronic Tolling System along Corridor VIII and the Highway Miladinovci Shtip - for which Financing Agreements were signed today in the Ministry of Finance. Agreements were signed by Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska, EBRD Head of North Macedonia Andi Aranitasi and the Director of the Public Enterprise for State Roads Zoran Kitanov, being also attended by Minister of Transport and Communications Goran Sugareski.

Генералниот директор на ОЛАФ повикува на интензивна активност за спречување измама


19 September 2019, Skopje - The challenges and opportunities of fraud prevention topped the agenda of this year's Annual Conference of Anti-Fraud Coordination Servicesof EU candidate countries and potential candidates, which took place in North Macedonia on 18-20 September.

Minister of Finance Angelovska: Public financial reform is intensified

16th September 2019, Skopje - Public financial reform is being intensified. The new Organic Budget Law is expected for be finalized by the end of 2019. This was underlined at today's Fourth Dialogue for Public Financial Management Reforms in the Ministry of Finance, chaired by Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska.


10th September 2019, Skopje - Schools, kindergartens, local roads, photovoltaic systems, water treatment plant, and improvement of the irrigation systems are only part of the 135 capital projects in the total amount of Denar 1.3 billion realized through the Municipal Services Improvement Project - MSIP in the rural areas of 78 municipalities throughout the country. Projects have been realized within EU IPA grant, with World Bank support.