Angelovska at “2025 Macedonia”: Productivity of jobs in the society depends on how much we have invested in human capital

15th November 2019, Skopje - One of the challenges for our country is productivity increase. Therefore, we are talking about investing in human capital, i.e.  how much we have invested in upgrading people, how much we have used their full potential in with respect to both their jobs and the society in general. This was pointed out by Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska when talking about the Panel Discussion “Macedonians Climbing the Elite Business Leaders" at the Macedonia 2025 Summit, being held these two days in Skopje.

Angelovska: Direct support to the private sector in the amount of Denar 6.7 billion projected in 2020 Budget

13th November 2019, Skopje - Private sector is an important driving force of the economic growth, therefore the Government remains committed to creating adequate policies as a response to the key challenges the private sector faces.  This was pointed out by the Minister of Finance, Nina Angelovska, when presenting the 2020 Draft Budget, underlining that Denar 6.7 billion would be injected in the private sector next year through the measures for subsidizing wage allowances, supporting enterprises, as well as the active employment measures.

Angelovska: So far, most of the funds under the 2020 Draft Budget have been provided for human capital

12th November 2019, Skopje - So far, most of the funds under 2020 Budget have been invested in human capital, i.e. health, education and social protection. During the presentation of the 2020 Draft Budget, Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska said that total of Denar 154 billion will be invested in the field of health, education and social protection, accounting for 64% of total expenditures or an increase by around Denar 10 billion compared to 2019.

Angelovska presented the Draft Budget before the NGOs, the business community, the experts and the trade unions: in 2020, focus

11th November 2019, Skopje - 2020 Draft Budget will be focused on investments in human capital, i.e. better health, educational and social system and strong support for growth of the real sector. This year, we have invested almost 56% of total budget expenditures in areas upon which the human capital relies, i.e. health, education and social affairs. This was pointed out by Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska when presenting the 2020 Draft Budget before the business community, the NGOs, trade unions and experts, being held today in the Ministry of Finance.

MoF, National Bank and Insurance Supervision Agency awarded the prizes at the occasion of celebrating the Savings and Insurance

9th November 2019, Skopje - Improvement of the financial literacy of citizens enables them to make more effective decisions for their personal finances, which in turn has effects on the economy as a whole - therefore, children need to be financially educated from an early age. This was pointed out at the award ceremony at the occasion of the traditional competition for art and literary works at the occasion of World Savings Day and Insurance Day, announced by the Ministry of Finance, the National Bank and the Insurance Supervisory Agency.

Angelovska at Freya Forum: Digital tools are still neglected as the key to improving democracy.

9th November 2019 - Digital tools are still neglected as the key to improving the governance of a state and thus improving the democracy itself. Digitization can help addressing global problems, among which sustainable development as the most burning issue. New technologies are also the key instrument for bridging the gender gap. By having her address at the opening ceremony of the international 13th Freay Forum, being held in Skopje this year, Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska said that we were yet to discover and use the potential of technologies in addressing major social problems.

New transparency tool of the Ministry of Finance: the public can track performance of capital investments by each budget users

29 October 2019, Skopje - Starting today, the citizens can track the performance of capital investments at each ministry, directorate, agency, i.e. each budget user separately, thus prompting the institutions to improve such performance. New transparency tool has been published on the Ministry of Finance website today, showing how much of the capital expenditures, projected in the Budget, has been executed by each institution - as a percentage and in an absolute amount, as well as how much remains to be executed by the end of the year. 

 First Masterclass of UNCTAD in Skopje: We encourager women to aim higher

29 October 2019, Skopje - What is necessary is greater involvement of women in the policymaking process,  determination to spread their voice, harnessing of the potential of technologies for their greater inclusion and creation of local, regional and global networks of women entrepreneurs. These are the points from the first eTrade for Women Masterclass organized by UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) in North Macedonia.

Ангеловска: Е-трговија има огромен потенцијал, ги охрабрувам компаниите да го искористат

25th October 2019, Skopje - Management of business in e-commerce requires multisector cooperation, extensive knowledge in many fields and too much passion.  The potential for e-commerce for a small country, like ours is a small one.  Unlocking that potential requires partnership and joint forces of the government ,the  non-government and the real sector, the academia community, the informal education providers, as well as the citizens, Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska said at the opening ceremony of the second annual  Conference on E-Commerece, covering the topic “Business Growth with E-Commerce", attended by more than 400 participants of more than 200 companies and organizations, wherein 30 speakers from the country and abroad  will share their knowledge and experience.