FinHackathon2: MyVAT#MyPrize has commenced

29th November 2019 Skopje - From today until Sunday, in the Ministry of Finance, in mutual organization with the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, eight teams should respond to the challenge of FinHackathon2: MyVAT#MyPrize - to create innovative marketing strategy for #MyPrize.

Funds have been provided for Wastewater Treatment Plant - Skopje, aimed at resolving environmental issues

27th November 2019, Skopje - Wastewater Treatment will be permanently resolved by the City of Skopje by building waste water treatment plant, thus reducing the pollution of Vardar River and raising standards for environmental protection. During its last session, the Government adopted the laws on financing the projects, submitting them to the Parliament.

Meeting between MF Angelovska and IMF Deputy Managing Director Tao Zhang: Informality to be tackled through digitalization of th

21st November 2019, Skopje - Measures for digitalization of the institutions engaged in the fiscal sector, such as the Ministry of Finance and the Public Revenue Office, can have a significant effect on tackling the informality. At the same time, by applying the technology, further measures will be undertaken aimed at improving the fiscal transparency, as a precondition for fiscal efficiency. These were some of the topics discussed at the meeting between the Minister of Finance, Nina Angelovska, and the Governor of the National Bank, Anita Aneglovska - Bezhoska, and the IMF Deputy Managing Director, Tao Zhang, held in Skopje. IMF Resident Representative for Western Balkans in Vienna, Stephanie Eble, also attended the meeting.

 “Open Finances” portal promoted: this is the key result from the major public finances reform for transparent public finances m

20th November 2019, Skopje - Starting today, we make the financial data on more than twelve and a half million transactions available to the public. Standards are set. Whenever a ministry, an agency or a state office makes a payment, the respective transaction will be available to the public in no time, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced at the press conference at which the web platform “Open Finances” ( was promoted.

IMF: Economic growth in North Macedonia will intensify, eradication of grey economy will provide for improving the business clim

18th November 2019, Skopje - Economy entered a period of solid growth and stability in this period, whereby growth is expected to intensify next year. Reforms to tackle informality will help improve the business climate and protect workers, with potential large revenue gains as well. These are some of the conclusions of the regular IMF Mission in the country.

Angelovska: Customs relief threshold for low-value and small consignments will be increased

18th November 2019, Skopje - Number of low-value and small consignments the citizens and the companies order online increases, thus challenges for both the state and the companies also increase. For years, the Ministry of Finance, the Customs Administration and the Government have been requested to increase the value threshold as regards the import duties relief on consignments. Minister of Finance, Nina Angelovska, announced that threshold increase is being considered, while the optimal threshold will be determined on the basis of the analyses being carried out at the Ministry at the moment.  

Angelovska: Our most valuable asset - the human capital was neglected for a long time, we are changing this with the 2020 Budget

Skopje, 17th November 2019 (MIA) - 2020 Draft Budget, which the Government adopted this week, is the topic of the interview with the Minister of Finance, Nina Angelovska. In the interview with MIA, she underlines the investments in human capital, which are the focal point in the 2020 Draft Budget. Indicating the data as regards the Human Capital Index in the country, compared to the developed countries and the countries in the region, she said that our most valuable asset - the human capital were neglected for a long time.

Angelovska at “2025 Macedonia”: Productivity of jobs in the society depends on how much we have invested in human capital

15th November 2019, Skopje - One of the challenges for our country is productivity increase. Therefore, we are talking about investing in human capital, i.e.  how much we have invested in upgrading people, how much we have used their full potential in with respect to both their jobs and the society in general. This was pointed out by Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska when talking about the Panel Discussion “Macedonians Climbing the Elite Business Leaders" at the Macedonia 2025 Summit, being held these two days in Skopje.

Angelovska: Direct support to the private sector in the amount of Denar 6.7 billion projected in 2020 Budget

13th November 2019, Skopje - Private sector is an important driving force of the economic growth, therefore the Government remains committed to creating adequate policies as a response to the key challenges the private sector faces.  This was pointed out by the Minister of Finance, Nina Angelovska, when presenting the 2020 Draft Budget, underlining that Denar 6.7 billion would be injected in the private sector next year through the measures for subsidizing wage allowances, supporting enterprises, as well as the active employment measures.

Angelovska: So far, most of the funds under the 2020 Draft Budget have been provided for human capital

12th November 2019, Skopje - So far, most of the funds under 2020 Budget have been invested in human capital, i.e. health, education and social protection. During the presentation of the 2020 Draft Budget, Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska said that total of Denar 154 billion will be invested in the field of health, education and social protection, accounting for 64% of total expenditures or an increase by around Denar 10 billion compared to 2019.