Cabinet of the Minister performs activities directly linked to the Minister, the Deputy Minister and the State Secretary.

Thereby, the Cabinet is in charge of the communication with the public on the activities of the Minister and the Ministry of Finance, organization of meetings and communication with the media, protocol-related activities, correspondence with other bodies and organizations, reviewing and proposing measures upon initiatives, proposals and complaints by the citizens, bodies and organizations.

The Cabinet also prepares materials for the sessions of the Board of State Secretaries, prepares and arranges the materials for the Government sessions, as well as for the Parliament sessions, monitors the enforcement of the conclusions reached by the Government and the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, carries out tasks in the field of defense and classified information, as well as other tasks.

Official e-mail adress of the Cabinet of the Minister

Head of Cabinet
Nena Mancev
office: ++389 2 3225 767;

Senior Protocol Assoiciate
Kristina Jordanova
office: ++389 2 3225 606;

Adviser for Defense-Related Issues
Jasmina Petreska
office: ++389 2 3106 136; fax: ++389 2 3125 402

Junnior Associate for Affairs Directly related to the Deputy Minister
Kefser Demiri
office: ++389 2 3225 682

Technical Assistant to the Deputy Minister
Elmedina Durguti
office: ++389 2 3225 649