International financial relations, cooperation with the EU and public debt management

The International Financial Relations and Public Debt Management Department performs activities related to cooperation with the international and bilateral financial institutions, i.e. communication and coordination with these institutions regarding the activities necessary for the preparation and realization of projects financed with foreign loans and grants, preparation and organization of all phases of the procedure for signing Loan Agreements and Guarantee Аgreements, as well as monitoring the level of realization of projects financed with foreign loans and proposing activities and measures to overcome the problems that occur during the preparation and implementation of projects financed with foreign loans and grants. 

Cooperation with the EU covers decentralized management of EU Funds and monitoring the status of realization of measures and activities under the National Programme for Adoption of the Acquis Communautaire (NPAA), Ministry of Finance being in charge of their implementation.

Public debt management is carried out by proving funds for state budget execution and issuing sovereign guarantees in a manner corresponding to the prudent level of risk, with the lowest costs in the medium and long run. In addition, public debt management is aimed at maintaining efficient and liquid government securities market.

Key contacts

Head of Department
Dejan Nikolovski
office: ++389 2 3255 411,

Assistants to the Head of Department

Andrija Aleksoski
office: ++389 2 3255 412,

Kristina Pavlovska
office: ++389 2 3255 413,