Central Financing and Contracting Department (CFCD), as part of the Ministry of Finance, is a body within the decentralized implementation system of IPA funds in the public administration in the Republic of Macedonia, responsible for managing and implementing projects in line with the principle of sound financial management.


In particular, CFCD is a body in charge of announcing tenders, concluding contracts and executing payments upon concluded contracts for projects financed within the first four IPA Components, as follows:


IPA Component I - Transition Assistance and Institution Building

IPA Component II - Cross-Border Cooperation

IPA Component III – Regional Development and

IPA Component IV - Human Resource Development


In addition, during implementation of IPA-funded projects, CFCD supervises other Line Ministries/Beneficiaries, which perform tasks related to the technical implementation of IPA-funded projects.



Contact persons:


Head of Department

Radica Koceva

office: ++389 2 3106 455; fax: ++389 2 3231 219




Assistant to the Head of Department

Anita Popovska

office: ++389 2 3106 680




EU Procurement and Contracting Unit

Katerina Jovcevska

office: ++389 2 3106 632




General Affairs and Control Unit

Iskra Belceva-Ristovska

office: ++389 2 3106 612




Finance Unit

Biljana Stojanovska

office: ++389 2 3106 631




Programme Monitoring Unit

Biljana Petrovska

office: ++389 2 3106 691