Миноски: Во декември пензионерите ќе го добијат ветеното зголемување на пензиите

Skopje, 28th September 2016 (MIA) - Pensioners will be paid the promised pension increase of Denar 670 in December this year.

This was announced by Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, today while elaborating on the 2017 Draft Budget before the members of the Financing and Budget Commission.

- Promised pension increase will be paid in December with the November pension. More than 300,000 will be paid around Denar 670 increase, or 5% increase in average, Minoski said.

Миноски: Во патна инфраструктура ќе се инвестираат 20,16 милијарди денари

Skopje, 28th September 2016 (MIA) - Significant amount of funds, the highest so far, is allocated in the 2017 Draft Budget for capital investments, aimed at supporting the economic development.

Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, elaborated on this while presenting the 2017 Draft Budget at the parliamentary Financing and Budget Commission.

Економските политики во фокусот на средбите на Миновски во Вашингтон

Washington, 9th October 2016 (MIA) - Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, participated in World Bank and International Monetary Fund Annual Meetings in Washington.

Minoski had meetings with several investors, which are the existing bond holders of the outstanding Eurobond issues of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as with both IMF and WB representatives. Economic policies implemented by the Macedonian Government, as well as future projects to be coordinated with the goals set by these two international institutions, were discussed at the meetings.

Миноски: Економски раст поголем од предвидениот, ако се разреши политичката криза

Skopje, 11th October 2016 (MIA) – Macedonian economy in 2017 can generate even higher economic growth than the projected one of 3%, should the political crisis be resolved in December. Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, talked about the economic policies implemented by the Government and the effects therefrom, as well as the entrance of foreign investments and the job creation, in an interview for the “Voice of America”.

Поволни кредити за самовработување, отворање бизниси и нови работни места

Skopje, 4th October 2016 (MIA) – Starting today, all unemployed persons who want to start up their business and to employ up to three persons in small businesses or up to five persons in medium-scale businesses, or the existing companies which want to increase the number of their employees, may apply to the Employment Agency, in the next two weeks, for a favourable loan, with 1% interest annually, one-year grace period and three-year repayment period.

Со микрокреидитање до намалување на сиромаштијата и развој на претприемништвото

Skopje, 22nd September 2016 (MIA) - Although microenterprises in Macedonia comprise 90% of the enterprises, employ one third of the total number of employees and generate 23% of the total GDP value added, they have limited access to basic banking services. Therefore, microfinancing institutions, which are developing for 20 years now in the country, having 12 of them operating, play an important role in supporting the development of microenterprises.

Започна со работа Кол центар – канадска инвестиција со 200 вработувања

18th September 2016, Skopje – Call Center, an investment of the Canadian company “OneContact”, launched its operations today, and it would provide for more than 200 employments.

Company CEO, Asif Chaudari, pointed out that the whole process started two years ago at a business forum in Toronto, when Government’s team presented the investment opportunities in Macedonia. Since then, he visited Macedonia few time.

Домашните компании имаат потенцијал за соработка со странските добавувачи

Skopje, 15th September 2016 (MIA) – Around five hundred domestic companies cooperate directly with investors in the technological-industrial development zones. Total value of supplies from the domestic companies ordered by the companies located in the TIDZs amounts to around EUR 50 million a year, however the potential for cooperation is not used to its fullest.

Општина Аеродром за три години треба да добие нов тениски центар

Skopje, 13th September 2016 (MIA) – Aerodrom Municipality published a tender for construction of sports’ tennis center, to include at least eight tennis courts.

Миноски: Владините економските политики даваат резултати - невработеноста на најниско ниво

Skopje, 13th September 2016 (MIA) – Each investment is of significance for the Republic of Macedonia, since it contributes to increased economic activity and job creation, Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, said at today’s press conference, at which construction of tennis courts in Aerodrom Municipality was announced.