Миноски: Македонската економија се покажа жилава, но неопходна е завршница на кризата

Skopje, 4th January 2017 (MIA) – Despite the effects of the most complex political crisis since Republic of Macedonia gained its independence, the economy has yielded positive results anyway. Economic growth would most probably exceed government projections, while unemployment has been reduced to the historically lowest level. Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, said for an interview with TV Sitel.

Миноски: Новата година ја започнуваме со одлична кондиција на државната каса

Skopje, 3rd January 2017 (MIA) – State Budget is in excellent condition. Last year ended with an excellent 99% collection of taxes and by around 1 percentage point lower deficit than the projections. Budget execution, such as payment of salaries and pensions, as well as other expenditures, will be smooth and on regular basis this year as well, as was the case so far. Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, said for an interview with TV Sitel.

Миноски: Економскиот раст досега е над владината проекција

27th December 2016, Skopje, TV Nova – Should first three quarters be analyzed, growth rates are continuously higher than 2.5%. Average  growth of GDP in the first three quarters is 2.7%, Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, said today.

He also underlined that, despite the obstacles, growth was higher than Government’s projection for this period.

- Should we take into account that GDP growth projection was revised to 2.3%, we can see that growth is higher than these projections, despite the objective obstacles we have faced, Minoski said.

Министерот Миновски на средби со бизнисмени од Пелагонија

Bitola, 7th December 2016 (MIA) – Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, met managers of successful companies from Pelagonija region today, speaking of, according to him, the Government’s commitment to stimulate development of the private sector and encourage the dialogue between the public and the private sector.

Миноски: Даноците денес три пати пониски од пред 10 години

Kicevo, 6th December 2016 (MIA) – Businessmen pay three-times lower taxes today compared to ten years ago. Effective tax rate was 43.5% in 2006 according to World Bank “Doing Business Report” and today it accounts for 13% or three times less.

Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, pointed this out at the meeting with the representatives from the Chamber of Commerce from Kicevo.

Миноски: Извезуваме двојно повеќе од 2006, а производите се пософистицирани

Kicevo, 6th December 2016 (MIA) – Export doubled in the last ten years. It amounted to below EUR 2 billion in 2006, reaching over EUR 4 billion in 2015, with a tendency to exceed this amount this year, Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, pointed out at meeting with representatives from the Chamber of Commerce from Kicevo.

Миноски:намален ДДВ и субвенции за стимулирање еколошко затоплување со пелети

Ohrid, 5th December 2016 (MIA) – Use of energy sources that do not pollute the environment is the future of heating in Macedonia. This ecological aspect, i.e. reduction of pollution in many cities, has been the reason for the measure we are being implementing, aimed at stimulating products that contribute to raising the environmental awareness and increased use of ecologically clean energy sources, such as pellets.

Рангирањето на Македонија во „Дуинг бизнис“ историски резултат, од 2007 година скок од 84 места

Skopje, 26th October 2016 (MIA) – Macedonia’s ranking at the 10th position in the world and at the 5th position in Europe in World Bank “Doing Business” Report is a historical result, speaking of Government’s commitment and the hard work and it is an incentive to continue the reforms in creating favourable business climate, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Vladimir Pesevski, said.

Доделени сертификати за јавни внатрешни ревизори

Skopje, 25th October 2016 (MIA) – Participants having completed the training on public sector internal auditors were awarded international certificates at the Ministry of Finance today. As Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, said, obtaining the certificates would contribute to improving the quality of internal audit and increase accountability, transparency and efficiency in the public sector institutions.

Отворен ТЕХНОМА 2016, се промовираат иновации и технологии на над 160 компании

Skopje, 18th October 2016 (MIA) – Skopje Fair hosts the 42nd “TEHNOMA” International Fair as of today, at which more than 160 exhibitors from Macedonia, Italy, Austria and Germany in the field of metallurgy, electrical engineering, energy, construction, security and protection take part.

Five-day fair event offers the possibility to promote achievements in innovations and new technologies, prospects and incentives for new businesses by presenting success stories, debates about the needs of the companies operating in different areas, …