Миноски: Нови 72 милиони евра за малите и средните бизниси

Washington, 23rd April 2017 (MIA) – New EUR 72 million for favourable loans for small- and medium-sized enterprises will be provided through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, this was announced by Minister Kiril Minoski, who participates in the Spring Meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund in Washington.

ММФ и Светска банка: Македонската економија е стабилна и покрај политичката криза

Skopje, 22nd April 2017 (MIA) - Macedonian economy is stable despite all challenges of the political crisis, according to the assessments of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

During the Spring Meetings in Washington, also attended by Macedonian delegation headed by Minister of Finance Kiril Minisoski, it was pointed out that Macedonian economy will achieve around 3% growth.

Јубилеј „25 години Народна банка на РМ“

Skopje, 5th April 2017 (MIA) – During the last 20 years, we managed to preserve a price stability, with 2% inflation in average, stable foreign exchange rate and sound banking system, undergoing many real time-stress tests.

This was pointed out by the Governor of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia Dimitar Bogov, in his address at the NBRM conference, organized at the occasion of 25-years of monetary independence.

EC and CoE support Macedonia to enhance the capacities in the fight against money laundering

Skopje, 27th February 2017 (MIA) – Republic of Macedonia will enhance the capacities of the institutions involved in the fight against economic crime, money laundering and financing terrorism. Project worth EUR 1,350 million, launched today, has been funded by the European Commission and the Council of Europe, while the Financial Intelligence Office has been in charge thereof.

Heritage – the progress Macedonia achieved in 10 years has been unheard of so far

Skopje, 22nd February 2017 (MIA) – Ranking of Macedonia at the 31st position according to the Index of Economic Freedom of Heritage Foundation, and the progress by 10 points in only ten years is stunning and something I have never seen elsewhere.  You should be proud thereof, the Ambassador Terry Miller, the Director of the Center of Trade and Economic of this Foundation said at today's presentation of the Report in Skopje.

За нов водоснабдителен систем во Гевгелија 1,7 милиони евра

Gevgelija, 15th February 2017 (MIA) – Today, realization of the Project for Improvement of the Water Supply System with financial support of the IPA funds and the World Bank commenced in Gevgelija, being aimed at improving the water supply o 17,000 inhabitants  in Gevgelija, Mrzenci, Moin, Bogorodica, as well as Selemi and Stojakovo in Bogdanci Municipality.

Миноски на „Euromoney“: Над 35% од македонскиот извоз се произведува во ТИРЗ

17th January 2017, ViennaMachinery and transport equipment sophisticated goods accounted for 5% of the total export in the period before, while now, they represent one third of the total export. More than 35% of Macedonian total export is produced in the technological industrial zones,. Minister of Finance Kiril Minoski pointed out at the annual ”Euromoney” Conference held in Vienna, also attended by the Governor of the National Bank Dimitar Bogov.

Миноски: Македонската економија се покажа жилава, но неопходна е завршница на кризата

Skopje, 4th January 2017 (MIA) – Despite the effects of the most complex political crisis since Republic of Macedonia gained its independence, the economy has yielded positive results anyway. Economic growth would most probably exceed government projections, while unemployment has been reduced to the historically lowest level. Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, said for an interview with TV Sitel.

Миноски: Новата година ја започнуваме со одлична кондиција на државната каса

Skopje, 3rd January 2017 (MIA) – State Budget is in excellent condition. Last year ended with an excellent 99% collection of taxes and by around 1 percentage point lower deficit than the projections. Budget execution, such as payment of salaries and pensions, as well as other expenditures, will be smooth and on regular basis this year as well, as was the case so far. Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, said for an interview with TV Sitel.

Миноски: Економскиот раст досега е над владината проекција

27th December 2016, Skopje, TV Nova – Should first three quarters be analyzed, growth rates are continuously higher than 2.5%. Average  growth of GDP in the first three quarters is 2.7%, Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, said today.

He also underlined that, despite the obstacles, growth was higher than Government’s projection for this period.

- Should we take into account that GDP growth projection was revised to 2.3%, we can see that growth is higher than these projections, despite the objective obstacles we have faced, Minoski said.