Сопиште и Чешиново-Облешево ги подобруваат условите за живот со грант од ИПА програмата

Skopje, 22nd June 2017 (MIA) –Grant amounting to EUR 237 thousand will be used by the Municipalities of Sopiste and Cesinovo – Oblesevo from the IPA Rural Development Programme.  Agreements for using these funds were signed by Minister of Finance Dragan Tevdovski and the Mayors of Sopiste and Cesinovo – Oblesevo, Stefce Trpkovski and Kostadin Lickov.

Средба со амбасадорката на Швајцарија

Minister of Finance Dragan Tevdovski PhD, together with MoF economic team, met the Swiss Ambassador to the Republic of Macedonia, H.E. Sybille Suter Tejada.

At the meeting, the collocutors discussed about the on-going projects of the Embassy of Switzerland to Macedonia.  Among other things, they agreed that the cooperation as regards both the support to small- and medium-sized enterprises and the infrastructure projects should be enhanced by joint commitment, whereby the need to strengthen the public administration was also pointed out.

Експертска дебата за пречките за економски развој во Југоисточна Европа

Skopje, 13th June 2017 (MIA) – Expert debate on obstacles to economic development in Southeast Europe was held in Skopje today, aimed at identifying the best policies on regaining the growth and faster advancing of the region towards the developed countries.

The debate “Economic Model:  Towards Coherent Growth Policy in SEE” was organized by “Friederich Ebert” Foundation.

средба со амбасадорот на САД

Minister of Finance, Dragan Tevdovski, together with MoF economic team, met the US Ambassador to Macedonia, H.E. Jess Baily.

The Ambassador congratulated Tevdovski on his appointment of Minister of Finance, being one of the most responsible offices in the country.

Tevdovski pointed out that they would actively work on the reforms, meaning better management of public finances in Macedonia to result in increased economic growth and better living standard of the citizens.

At the meeting, they also exchanged opinions on the global challenges.

Средба со амбасадорот на Кралството Холандија


Minister of Finance, Dragan Tevdovski, together with MoF economic team, met the Dutch Ambassador to Macedonia, H.E. Willem Wouter Plomp.

Support to the reform processes and the priorities of the new Government in the field of public finances were pointed out and discussed at the meeting. Macedonia is an active member to the Dutch Constituency in the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Иницијален состанок за ПЕР

Skopje, 9th June 2017 (MIA) - 2018 – 2020 Economic Reform Program, which the Republic of Macedonia is to implement as a candidate country for EU membership, should include reforms to move the country forward. Macedonia is the first country in the region to commence this fourth cycle of reforms.

This was pointed out at today's initial meeting on the Economic Reform Program in Skopje.

средба со ЕБРД

Minister of Finance, Dragan Tevdovski, together with MoF economic team, met EBRD representatives today, led by Anka Ioana Ionesku, Head of EBRD Office in Macedonia.

Ionesku expressed her contentment for the cooperation with Minister Tevdovski, wishing him success in his office.

Both parties agreed that reforms in infrastructure and energy sector need to be supported by joint commitment, at the same time intensifying the funding and the support to small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Отворена средба со новинари

Skopje, 8th June 2017 (MIA) – All liabilities can be settled from the Budget by the end of the year. There will be funds for salaries, pensions, subsidies, as well as funds for supporting the economy. Supplementary Budget is already being prepared in the Ministry of Finance, and it should also comprise funds for the projects of the new Government, among which those related to minimum salary.

Meeting between MoF and NBRM

7th June 2017, Skopje – Today, the economic team of the Ministry of Finance met the Governor of the National Bank Dimitar Bogov.

Improving the cooperation between the Ministry of Finance and the National Bank, as well as the importance of coordination between fiscal and monetary policy for the economic system were discussed at this meeting.

At the meeting, both parties reaffirmed the commitment to preserving macroeconomic stability and implementing policies, which will contribute to sustainable economic growth.


EU support to Macedonia’s reform process

7th June 2017 – Today, the economic team of the Ministry of Finance met the Delegation of the European Commission headed by the Ambassador of the European Union to Macedonia, Samuel Zbogar.

Future priorities and reforms the Republic of Macedonia needs to implement as regards the European integration process were discussed during this meeting. The EC representatives expressed their support for the reform priorities of the Government to end of integrating the country in the EU.