Stavreski: First section of gas pipeline network will be completed in June

Skopje, 20th March 2016 (MIA) - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, in yesterday's report on all things done in the past years, announced that the completion of Klecovce-Stip section of the gas pipeline network is expected to be completed in June.


- Pipes have already been installed, so we expect a trial testing of the entire Klecovce-Stip section in June. In addition, tenders for three new sections have been opened. Construction of Stip-Negotino section is expected to commence in June, constriction of Skopje-Gostivar section will start in July, while the third section, which we expect to start in September spreads from Negotino through Prilep up to Bitola, meaning that Bitola will obtain gas, Stavreski said.

By referring to the project for purchase of courtyards, Deputy Prime Minister said that it was about one of the most popular projects among the citizens and that 302 thousand applications have been submitted so far, 230 thousand out of which have been submitted after the reduction of the price for purchase to 1 euro per square meter. Decisions for 180 thousand applications have been reached, while decisions for the remaining ones are in the process of being reached.